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Sleepers are a hugely popular garden construction material. They look good, they’re rugged, they last for years when properly maintained and can be used for all kinds of builds from garden steps to raised beds to basic garden furniture.

Common sizes, 200x100, 150x100, 200x75, 150x75, 200x50, 150x50 Common lengths 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m With many personal and creative designs, we are able to supply any size and length sleeper outside than our common range

As with all of our products, our garden sleepers are produced to exacting standards, adding charm to any garden. They offer the opportunity to create height, depth and undulating areas outside. The beautiful textures and hues of natural wood add character, whilst the striking profile defines and gives structure to your space.

Our range of landscaping sleepers is incredibly versatile, giving you the opportunity to get creative. Bringing order to errant beds and borders, giving climbing plants a new summit to reach, replacing cold stone steps with something infinitely more characterful... the possibilities are limitless.

Lumber Processors - Sleepers
Lumber Processors - Sleepers
Lumber Processors - Sleepers
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