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Garden Sleepers

Landscaping Sleepers

Transforming your garden, building raised flower beds, or crafting a unique landscaping project, garden sleepers make a lasting impression for everyone to admire.

Garden Sleepers

Uncover the potential of your garden using landscaping sleepers - durable, versatile, and high-quality. Achieve your landscaping dreams with stunning results.

Why Our Landscaping Sleepers

With over 25 years in the New Zealand market, Lumber Processors is the top supplier of premium garden sleepers. Choose from Macrocarpa, redwood, and hardwood options to meet all your landscaping needs. Our durable and charming sleepers are crafted to withstand New Zealand's environment, ensuring a solid investment for your projects. Explore our selection today to enhance your landscaping with confidence.

Our sleepers are visually graded by experienced staff, that have the passion and eye for quality timber.

  • • Garden Edging

  • • Retaining Walls

  • • Garden Steps

  • • Available in a all common sizes 200x100, 200x75x 200x50, 150x100, 150x75, 150x50.

  • • Lengths, 2.4m, 2.1m, 1.8m, 1.5m, 1.2m

  • • Want bigger and longer, No problem, send an enquiry

Explore the beauty and functionality of our top-tier garden sleepers. Enquire today to elevate your project with excellence.