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  • Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing

Our post and rail fencing combines a robust and traditional design, with good vision through the fence and also has the added benefit of being able to be used as an attractive option as a livestock barrier. This gives property added style and value for many years

Attractive, sturdy post and rail fencing is a very effective style of fencing. It’s strong and can serve as a perimeter enclosure for long stretches of property. It also makes a nice surrounding for a small to mid-sized yard or garden, allowing open views of the area.

The rustic appeal of post and rail fencing draws in the eye. Its simple structure – vertical fence posts and cross rails – makes most homes or agricultural areas' landscaped areas look open and lovely. Yet, this fencing is fairly cost-effective to install, has great toughness, can last for many years.

Post and rail fencing is often constructed using a noticed post. The post has rectangular holes cut into the sides, to allow easy insertion of end-slotted rails. The simple method of installation can save hours of work installing cross rails fixings. It’s also part of what gives this fencing a natural, countryside look.


  • Add galvanised wire, and post and rail fencing makes a perfect pet or small animal enclosure. Or, hold in dense foliage to make it grow upwards. Livestock owners with children use this combination to protect kids from animals’ while keeping the animals from escaping. Similar setups can make perfect pen-to-pen walkways for small livestock.

  • For everyday gardens, post and rail fencing offers many benefits. The wire-fencing combination can support and protect new plantings of shrubs and hedges. Use green PVC coated wire for a look that blends in, or galvanised steel wire if preferred.
Most common post sizing is 150x150 and with entry posts 200x200, Rails sizes being 150x50, We can customize post/rail size at your request.
Lumber Processors - Post and Rail Fencing
Lumber Processors - Post and Rail Fencing
Lumber Processors - Post and Rail Fencing
Lumber Processors - Post and Rail