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  • Post And Rail Fence

  • Post and Rail Fence

From enhancing your home to creating outdoor bliss, our post and rail fencing makes a lasting impact on every unique project

Post and Rail Fence


 Add value to your investment, with our post and rail fence system 

Why Our Post and Rail Fence System

Crafted with precision, our posts exemplify innovation as we employ an advanced technique of routering a 30mm pocket to seamlessly accommodate the rails, eliminating the need for fasteners. This not only enhances the fence's natural countryside aesthetic but also fortifies the posts by preserving the center, a departure from traditional mortising. This innovative approach distinguishes our fencing solution, ensuring durability and robust construction while minimizing the risk of twisting and warping.

The versatility of our post and rail fencing extends to secure solutions for pet or small animal enclosures. Beyond its practicality, our fencing offers additional advantages for everyday gardens, providing essential support and protection for new plantings of shrubs and hedges. What sets us apart is our flexibility—we can customize rail spacings to match existing fences or suit specific preferences, providing a tailored solution for every need.

Treated Pine

Using treated pine for post and rail fencing provides durability of 50+ years and weather resistance, It requires minimal maintenance while offering versatility in design. 


Macrocarpa post and rail fencing provides a naturally durable and aesthetical solution with a warm appearance,  macrocarpa is a sustainable and low-maintenance choice, making it an environmentally friendly and economically viable option for post and rail fencing.

Post and Rail fence


Design your post and rail fence to your liking with various customisation options. Choose larger posts for a more commanding appearance.

Explore unique rail spacings and larger rails to give your fence a distinctive and substantial look.