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Decking is often the only practical economical solution to create a flat level area over uneven terrain, and turn an unusable site into a functional, pleasant and attractive feature.

We provide a competitively priced range of decking to suit your tastes. Our macrocarpa decking is enviro-friendly and free of all treatment and has its own natural preservative, providing a minimum 15 years protection against insect attack and decay when not in ground contact. As with all our timber our decking comes from sustainable sources.

Decking is available in a variety of profiles and sizes. The ease of construction, versatility and flexibility allows an outdoor living or working area to be added economically to domestic or commercial properties alike, adding a pleasing yet functional area that extends your garden into your home and will not only be admired but should also add value to the property as well.

Our decking is either machined or bandsawn from local forests for a better-quality board. Common size of our deck boards is Ex150mmx40mm and Ex150mmx25mm Whenever possible we are pleased to offer advice on planning your decking project, and our experienced staff will help work out the materials required to complete the project.

Lumber Processors - Decking
Lumber Processors - Decking