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  • Raised Garden Beds

Whatever your requirements are, we can cut the timber down to width for you as an additional service to save you considerable time and effort as well as taking away the problem of dealing with excess waste.

We custom cut timber to almost any width and length in any grade you require.  We have professional cutting equipment to give your product the perfect finish you desire from bandsawn, smooth finish to circular sawn finish, with trained staff that means you don’t have to worry about the quality and precision of the finish product.

Custom cut timber has many benefits.

  • Matching up exiting building.
  • Save time on needing to resize timber.
  • Getting it to look the way you want it.

As a company, we do not always cross-cut the timber down when machining it, due to handling restrictions, time, cost and many other factors. However, on request, any of the timber we have in stock can be sawn to the exact width needed or even a little bit over the required width, for a safe margin to play with.

If this service is requested, all we ask is that you inform us prior to sale, so we can calculate an accurate cost for processing timber.

We can deliver Nationwide to any industrial address that has equipment to unload product safely. the wood cleanly cut to exactly the right dimensions, leaving you with one less job to think about after receiving the order.

Often the wood supplies that are stocked in our warehouse can be a lot wider than the width of timber needed for the project you are undertaking. In some circumstances the timber can be double, treble or even quadruple the width of the wood required.

Lumber Processors - Timber Frame Porches
Lumber Processors - Timber Frame Porches
Lumber Processors - Timber Frame Porches
Lumber Processors - Timber Frame Porches